Der Dagger

At end in middle of nowhere, its seems like a big wáter well of the world, there is where the lamentations and rales from roten souls were forgoten all remain of vitality such was the pestilence from that place like a giant Cristal Ocean´s sewer

Rest between that large lake turned into a swap thousand years ago was Sentoria, inside plans are drawing cause wind moves silently threads about a battle thats still undone.

Ankel and Abyss looked absorbed waiting from Captain´s order, crew still expectant a momento where all their future get determinated, events that happened still over Surface of bow. Mision not finish yet.

The moldy rotting door opened slowly as the hinges of pain screamed, and the footman sent his curved figure dragging his face, barely raising his muffled voice:

  • You, both come in.

¿Its were decided? The dagger was about to be buried.



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